1. "Dear Demi,

    The picture of you carrying a pack of cigarettes didn’t bother me. I mean of course its bad for your health. But you’re old enough to smoke and we shouldn’t have a say in it. For all I know those cigarettes weren’t yours but either way I still respect you”

  2. "Dear Demi,

    I hope you never take the pressure of lovatics depending on you to hard. If you ever need help again don’t refrain because your fans look up to you that would be wrong. Lovatics WILL understand if you go get help again. We understood the first time.”

  3. "Dear Demi,

    I got so happy when I found out ‘You’re my Only Shorty’ was on Unbroken because I loved it when Ariana Grande sang it! In all honesty I thing you and Ariana should do a duet because you both have such beautiful and powerful voices!

    -Fan of Demi and Ari <3”

  4. "Dear Demi,

    I love your hair red! It’s stunning. It makes me want to dye my hair like that.

    -your beautiful “

  5. "Dear Demi,

    Every time I hear one and the same I cry. You two were amazing together.”

  6. "Dear Demi,

    You’re an inspiration to millions”

  7. "Dear Demi,

    I know there is no end to bullying.
    But just because of you I can tell bullying
    is becoming less. You’re a big influence
    in stopping bullying.
    Thank you so much for that”

  8. "Dear Demi,

    I don’t want to sound weird but the truth is you make my day just a little brighter when I feel like there’s nothing else to live for.

    -not trying to scare you off but you’re an inspiration girl”

  9. "Dear Demi,

    my biggest dream is to one day tell you how much you mean too me. You are the only “friend” that I have had for 4 years straight. I just wish that one day I could meet you and give you a really big hug. I love you with all my heart.

    Annmarie “

  10. "Dear Demi,

    I listen to you music everyday before school. Just by knowing you’re story you’re music gives me strength to go to school and not be scared of the bullies.

    Thank you <3”